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Time spent consuming digital media is increasing rapidly. In 2017, digital media will become the most consumed media when compared to traditional media outlets like TV, radio and print. This year, eMarketer experts predict adults 18 and older will spend an average of 5 hours and 53 minutes with digital media versus 4 hours with television, 1 hour 26 minutes with radio and 27 minutes with print. Digital is the only medium that will see an increased consumption trend.


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Traditional media outlets, such as television and radio, are still important in a fully integrated media campaign, but the impact of digital media cannot be ignored. With rising pressure to maximize every marketing dollar, it's crucial to find the correct mix of media tactics to achieve your key objectives.

Reallocating a portion of the traditional media budget to digital media allows you to maintain a broad reach via traditional media channels, while capitalizing on the ability to precisely target audiences on digital platforms. Digital advertising enables you to layer in additional targeting methods such as lifestyle, contextual, and sales based data, which places your message in front of the right audience at the right time. Adding digital media to a traditional media campaign allows the platforms to work cohesively to maximize effectiveness.

Adding digital media to a traditional media campaign allows the platforms to work cohesively to maximize effectiveness.

Digital media campaigns also allow you to fully track performance on your media spend and make adjustments to optimize to the best performing placements. This analysis and control minimizes the amount of wasted spend and ensures that your advertising dollars are working as efficiently as possible. The ability to monitor in real time leads to a much higher ROAS (return on ad spend) than most traditional tactics.

There are a lot of advertising choices in the digital world, which is why it is important to utilize an expert in digital media to ensure your campaign will earn the highest return possible. If your business needs the guidance of a digital media expert, contact Burdette Ketchum's Media Director Lynn Kennedy.